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Oil Spill Recovery, Environmental & Renewable Energy

  1. Oceanography, Bathymetry, Meteorology
    Norcom Technology Limited
    Norcom is an independent software company specialising in the development of software and hardware for navigation and hydrographic survey systems. Norcom has provided systems to cable lay companies, oil companies, Hydrographic survey companies, harbour authorities, dredging companies, freelance Hydrographic surveyors and government organisations worldwide.

  2. Environmental & Environmental Consultancy Services
    Metoc plc
    Metoc offers outstanding expertise into all the issues associated with the interface between projects / assets and the environment. To this the firm adds exceptional insight into the way these issues can impact on projects and how best to manage them so that we can advise clients on their Environmental Design and Risk Management (EDRM) strategies.

    Markleen AB
    The Markleen Group is a leading manufacturer of oil spill response equipment. They supply all-inclusive packages specially designed for customers whether located on oil recovery vessels, oil spill response bases or at ports.
    Markleen’s objective is to offer the best products and services to customers, which are guaranteed to pay off in the long run.
    Currently Markleen products are in use on all continents, in conditions ranging from the Arctic and Antarctic to tropical environments in Asia, Africa and Central America

  3. Renewable Energy

    Trident Aquasail Limited
    Tidal & Wind Powered Energy Solutions.

  4. Ship building, Ship Repair, Oil Spill Recovery

    SRC Group Limited – Estonia
    SRC has offices and facilities throughout Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. SRC will build, Repair & convert Ships. SRC focuses on friendliness, flexibility, quality and quick response to our clients’ needs.