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Mission Statement

Hotels, Hospitals, Industrial, Commercial & Residential

When it comes to supplying materials to the Hotel, Hospital, Residential & Commercial industry, Saba & Co. is in a class of its own. From budget hospitals & hotels to five star hotels and luxurious health spas, our experience can only improve your service & cost efficiency.

Although Saba & Co. will supply materials against individual tender documents, it is when supplying on a project procurement basis that Saba & Co.’s capabilities and experience are shown at their most impressive.

Working to the information provided, materials are sourced and selected to fit the specification, quality and budget requirements. Once the materials have been approved, a critical path analysis is employed to ensure the materials are bought, packed and shipped to fit within the contractors’ time frame whilst ensuring the terms of payment are the most economical available.

The list below contains some of the materials that Saba & Co. supply to Hospital/Hotel Contracts.


GENERAL                                 CATERING                                     FIRE
Air conditioning                             Cold rooms                                       Alarms
Boilers                                          Crockery                                           Extinguishers
Doors                                           Cutlery                                              Hose reels
Electrical                                       fittings Glassware                               Sprinkler system
Ironmongery                                  Hollowware
Lifts                                               Kitchen equipment
Lighting (External)                         Ovens/cookers                                   HEALTH
Lighting (Internal)                           Restaurant equipment
Marble                                          Trolleys                                             Golf Course & equipment
Paint                                                                                                      Gymnasium
Partitioning                                                                                             Steam room
Plumbing                                      FURNITURE & FITTINGS              Swimming pool
Sanitaryware                                                                                          Bowling Alleys
Security fittings                             Bedroom furniture
Stairs                                           Carpets                                               MISCELLANEOUS
Suspended ceilings                       Curtains
Tiles (Ceramic)                            Guest room facilities                            Check-in facilities
Tiles (Mosaic)                              Linen                                                  Computer
Tiles (Roof)                                  Lounge furniture                                 Conference facilities
Water heaters                              Pictures                                              Grass cutting equipment
Windows                                     Restaurant furniture                             PABX telephone system
                                                   Specialist wall/floor finishes                  Public address system
                                                   Vinyl flooring                                       Televisions